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The Home Series aims to explore, challenge and broaden the conceptual borders we have around the idea of "Home."  We all have some definition, either explicit or more subconscious, of what it means to 'be at home' or to 'feel at home' in a place.  In my case California feels like home, but Santa Barbara feels like home in more immediate way.  Stepping back a little further, North America or The United States can also be called 'my home' - but it feels less 'right' or 'accurate'  to  claim either of these larger, more general, places.

Ultimately home is that place that you most identify with - along with the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feels and memories that make that place unique or singular in your mind, and in your experience on this Earth.  In a grander scheme of things, as humans our common home is an inconceivably tiny, pale, blue dot in orbit around a relatively small star in a galaxy composed of over one hundred billion stars in a universe composed of over one hundred billion galaxies. We only have a very limited amount of time here to figure out what 'home' is or feels like, but my goal is to feel as 'at home'  as possible where ever find myself, for as much time as I've got left here.  This series is composed of images and moments along the way.

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