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As a photographer you constantly have to maintain a balance between creating the highest quality prints possible while determining a price that your audience can comfortably pay to have and enjoy your prints in their homes and spaces (click here read more about quality vs. cost).

Buying art is ultimately a luxury, but Nature isn't.  Nature is both our right and our responsibility, and one of my goals in selling prints is to remind as many people of this as possible.  And I think I've found a way to make it easier for people to buy prints without sacrificing quality or value, and to feel better about spending money on nature, landscape and travel prints.  In addition to giving people more affordable options to bring nature into their home, I will donate 10% of all profits made to programs that are dedicated to protecting our wild spaces and public lands.

Karnali Moon

Print Subscriptions

When I see landscape and nature images my first thought is, "How big can I have this printed and where will it fit?" My next thought is, "Can I actually afford to buy this print right now?"  As print size increases so does the cost of the print, so if you're considering a larger print it could easily cost you between $500-$2000 depending on the size and the media you choose (print only, canvas, metal or acrylic).

The idea that I'm so excited about is that I now offer "monthly subscriptions" for people who are in love with one of my images and want to invest in a high-quality print that will last for generations, but who can't really justify spending such a large sum all at once.

So let's say you have a wall space that a 24"x36", ready-to-hang metal print canvas print would perfectly fill.  It would cost you either $650 up-front, or with a print subscription you could choose to pay about $55/month.  Or let's say you have a wall space that a massive 40"x60" (basically 3.5 feet by 5 feet) canvas print would be perfect for.  It would cost you $1,500 up-front, or with a print subscription you could choose to pay $125/month.

Kauai Sunset

Additional Subscriber Benefits

If you choose to purchase a print subscription you will also have access to the following benefits for the duration of your subscription:

• 1 purchase per year made over the course of your subscription (12 monthly payment)

• You can use this for a single print or multiple prints as long as it is all part of the same order

• 10% off all print purchases while subscribed

• Two 30% discounts offered throughout the year

• Two 50% discounts offered throughout the year

• Entry into members-only contests and print drawings throughout the year

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