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My newsletter is a simple one.  It's most basic purpose is to populate your inbox and digital devices with a bit more Nature, if for no other reason to give you a brief though essential reminder that at any point, you can make the choice to go outside for a bit and re-calibrate.

This is a free newsletter that will feature one image per month; giving a bit more backstory for the image, the opportunities that led me to be able to see and capture it, as well as a bit more of what was going on inside (and outside) my mind when I took it.  Of course I'll be peppering in other occasional emails with updates, contests and other thoughts I have on the subjects of photography, art and their respective roles and significance to the human experience...and things like that ;)

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Another option I've decided to offer is to become a member of the Onekiel Photography Club (cool kids only, for sure...cuz it's a club).  It's a paid version of my newsletter ($10 bucks a month), except that with this option you will receive a set of 'members only' benefits including a handful of significant discounts throughout the year, access to members only contests with prints as the prizes, and more.

I ultimately want to see my images become real, beautiful, physical media that serve to bring more nature into the indoor spaces where you spend your time - becoming part of the club is my most recent idea for making this a reality.

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