Chilean Patagonia Excursion & Photography Workshop 2019

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Los Torres Del Paine

Leave your name and contact info below to find out more about this opportunity to explore the Atacama Desert & Patagonia while learning basic and advanced landscape photography practices that will allow you to create your beautiful landscape prints.

Travel Photography Workshop in Chilean Patagonia & Atacama

One of the best choices I've made in my life was to study abroad in Chile while I was completing my undergrad at UC Santa Barbara. It was actually during this year-long experience in 2006-2007 that I realized photography was going to be a big part of life in one way or another. Shortly after completing my under undergrad with a BA in Spanish and a minor in Philosophy I decided to pursue photography as lifestyle as well as a profession. We can talk more about my thoughts on "professionalism" if you decide to come along on this Chilean photo-excursion.

Sometime during the middle of 2018, Tanya from the Travel Store in Santa Barbara got in touch with me about working together to combine my photography and travel experience with one of her trips and I was immediately in love with idea. Over time and a handful of meetings, we decided that a 10 day trip to Chile with day trips into the Atacama Desert and into (and around) Chilean Patagonia would be the perfect inaugural excursion. I am mostly fluent in Spanish (and have a year of experience speaking Chilean Spanish, which is quite distinct from Central American dialects of Spanish) and I also completed a Master's Degree in Education in 2012 - two experiences that uniquely qualify me to lead the Chilean photography workshop that we've created for this trip.

We are still finalizing the details, but the basics are that it will be a 10 day trip beginning in Santiago, and from there we will travel to the Atacama desert to take advantage of some of the lowest levels of light pollution in the world to learn about and practice low-light/night photography and some long exposure photography to capture some amazing star trails. After which we will head South, staying at two different resorts - one just outside Chilean Patagonia, and one that is actually inside the park, photographing some of the Patagonian regions most iconic locations.

Chilean Photo Excursion 2019