Kiel Rucker

I grew up in the sticks in a little town called Murphys in the foothills of California’s Eastern Sierras before finding my way to the beaches and back country of Santa Barbara. During a gap-year or two in-between school with academics I backed through Western Europe for a couple of months, then  I spent a year studying abroad in Chile through the EAP program at UCSB. 

During my time in Chile I had my first, cheap (but bullet-proof) digital camera in-tow alongside my Canon Rebel X 35mm film camera for the first time. And it was while backpacking the W route in Chilean Patagonia that I realized that photography was a brilliant tool and vehicle for learning more about ourselves as humans, and for becoming more connected with Nature and our home here on Earth. After completing my undergrad in Spanish and Philosophy, and later a Masters in Education, I made a conscious decision to live and see the rest of this life a photographer.

Ultimately, I find photography to be a powerful vehicle capable of conveying us back into singular, silent and unqualified moments - and it is within these fleeting, beautiful and unqualified moments that I find my fascination with this life and my passion for photography.


- Photo by Megan Sorel -