Kiel Rucker

I grew up in a little town called Murphys on the Western side of Sierras before finding myself in Santa Barbara two weeks after graduating high school. During a gap-year or two between city college and UCSB I backpacked through Western Europe for a while, then studied Spanish and language in Chile thanks to the EAP program at UCSB. I brought my camera along for all of it.

After spending way more time and money than necessary to realize that the purpose of an education isn’t a degree, I made a very conscious decision to see and experience the rest of this life as a photographer.

Along the way I’ve learned that photography is my preferred language for exploring this world and sharing my experience of it. Ultimately I find photography to be a powerful vehicle for conveying us back into singular, silent and unqualified moments. And it’s within these fleeting, curious and beautiful moments with people and in nature that I find my fascination with life and feed my love for photography.