Separation Is Fiction

This gallery is composed of humans amidst nature, life, existence as a background. The main idea being that we, ultimately, are a part of nature - not simply observers of it, nor outsiders to it. It's all a matter of perspective.

Before the interpretation of experience, is Experience - undifferentiated, singular and fluid. Before we have a chance to become aware of this truth, we learn to use words instantly, habitually and mechanically to put our experiences into safe, familiar categories - and to feel that because we have done so, that we somehow know an experience, or a moment, or a thing because we have hung some cumbersome description around it's neck.

In that silent moment that exists between experience and the interpretation of experience is where true communion with nature, life and with "others" exists. Photography is a powerful vehicle capable of conveying us back into this singular, silent and unqualified moment. It is within this moment, within this perfectly pure little space, that both my fascination with life and my passion for photography are born. This gallery will be home to images that show the relationship/sameness of humans and the nature.