The American Southwest

I almost took a plane to Boulder, CO in 2010. A straight line is usually the quickest route, but it is almost certainly never the best route when you realize that the experience of a trip is more important than the efficiency of it.

Until that Spring I had harbored this unconsidered belief that I needed to go as far away from home as possible to explore and to experience beautiful and exotic places and views. But I chose experience over efficiency on this trip because I realized that there was far more beauty and mystery here at home, in my backyard, than I could ever exhaust in a single lifetime.

I chose experience over efficiency because I am awed and inspired every time I see the work of Ansel Adams, because I feel righteously motivated to run away from ‘civilization’ every time I read Edward Abbey, and because I am romantically compelled to become more intimate with Nature every time see one of John Muir’s quotes.

I chose experience over efficiency on this trip because I realized that I need Nature like I need oxygen, because the instinct to feel space and presence in Nature had become overwhelming, and because photographing Nature has become my preferred form of meditation.

Western Mozy
Hoodoo Glow
Face 1
Face two
Face three
Mountain Rise
Puerto a La Sal
Long Face
Del Doble
Western Grayscale
Heavy High
Far Delicate (BW)
Delicate Wall (BW)
Delicate Dance

Each image in this gallery is currently running as a limited edition series of 20. Each edition is printed at 16x24 inches on fine art Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper, and is single-matted and framed with Masterpiece glass for enduring UV protection and a highly non-reflective surface to create the cleanest viewing experience possible regardless of ambient lighting conditions.